New Year, New Rabbits

It’s been 11 days since Xervea and Bee gave birth! Six and seven babies, respectively! They’re little bundles of cute, and are already approaching 5 ounces. Pictures under the cut!

Xervea preparing for babies! Her entire pen was covered in fur by the time she gave birth. Bee’s nest was much more modest.

Day two- Bee’s seven on the left, Xerv’s six on the right.

Bee says, “What, like being a mom’s hard?”

Bee’s nest on the right, Xervea’s on the left. Two opposites!

Left is Xerv, Right is Bee. Christmas Day babies! They’re 3 days old here.

Little wiggles! Four days old, and learning to move. Not the most convenient for pictures, though!

Snzzz… Growing is hard work! 5 days old.

6 days old!

Overnight, they grew into filling up the basket!

8 days… Even bigger!

Happy New Year, babies!

Lunch time!

10 days! The big ol’ one-oh!

Eleven days- old enough for kisses from their grandmom!

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